Places To Stay On Maui

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Best Places To Stay On Maui

Maui is one of the most beautiful and intriguing places on the planet. It is a joy to behold for those who are looking to soak up the good weather and want to have fun while they are roaming around. Before putting together a robust itinerary, it is important to recognize where the best places to stay are on Maui.


This read is going to put to the most important regions in the area and what they bring to the table when it comes to the best places to stay.


South Maui


South Maui is renowned for having great weather year-round, a beautiful list of beaches, and cheaper rentals for those who are looking to stay on a budget. There are plenty of vacation rental options listed on sites like Airbnb, VRBO. There a wide range of rentals for every budget. It also has some very high-end hotels and resorts. You are going to be left with a lot to do and that is appealing in South Maui. The area has a lot going for it and that can make it an exciting place to stay on Maui.


Road to Hanaroad to hana


For those who are coming to Maui for the sake of visiting the Hana Highway or want to enjoy quieter beaches that are right along the way on a journey from one end to the other then this is as good as it gets. This side of the island has some great bed and breakfast as well as camping, and Travaasa Hana hotel. It is ideal for those who want to simply make the most of the weather and get a look at everything Maui has to offer.


Central Maui


This is ideal for those who want to enjoy the culture more than the beaches when it comes to Maui. It has a decent selection of shops and it interconnects with the rest of Maui better than any other place on the map. This is important for those who are going to be moving about while they are in town.


Upcountry Maui


This is all about the scenery because it might be one of the most beautiful parts of Maui. It is breathtaking and it is a joy to look at for those who have come to Maui for nothing more than sight-seeing. It’s proximity to Haleakala is a major plus point and a big reason to consider this area.


West MauiResorts Maui


With its amazing weather, wide array of shops and beautiful selection of beaches, a person isn’t going to go wrong with West Maui. This side of the island has some of the best beaches in the world. It has a lot of natural beauty to offer and that makes it an enticing place to stay on your trip. There are plenty of resorts and great vacation rentals to stay on the west side of Maui. There is always something going on but it is also a great place to lounge for those who want to relax.


In the end, life on Maui is one of the best things for a person that is hoping to get away from things and push those stresses away. It is a joyful location with so much going on and it is ideal for people of all ages. Whether one decides to stay in South Maui, West Maui, or Upcountry Maui, the location is one of the best on the planet for a reason. It is simply stunning from start to finish.

 Visit All Maui Has To Offer

We briefly went over each side of the island.  Maui has different areas that offer many different vibes. It truly is paradise and we hope we helped you consider all your amazing options.  For more information and other helpful travel tips visit us at and also at Maui travel and vacation ideas.

Beaches On Maui

Hawaii Islands

Some Of The Best Beaches In Maui

One of the main attractions about vacations in Hawaii would have to be the beaches. Maui offers more than 30-miles of beaches, along with a few beaches rated as the most beautiful from across the globe. Here are 5 of the top beaches to consider on your next trip to Maui.


  1. Makena Beach State Parkbig beach maui


The Makena Beach State Park offers 3 different entrances made up of “Little Beach” and “Big Beach.” The Big Beach is made up of the biggest stretch of Baldwin Beach Park with sand that stretches about 2/3 of a mile in length and is around 100 yards in width from the shoreline to the sand. This an extremely popular beach for sun tanning, skim boarding, body boarding, weddings, and swimming. If you have plans to swim at this beach, please ensure you adhere to all the safety signage as Makena’s Big Beach is well-known for frequent rogue waves. If you do not feel comfortable on this beach you may want to head towards the West end of the beach where you can climb over rocks to reach the Little Beach.


  1. Baldwin Beach Park


This beach is definitely a destination that is the most visited in the North Shore area of Maui. Baldwin Beach offers ample parking, showers, public restrooms and several areas where you can throw down a towel and just relax. There are a variety of activities to enjoy on Baldwin Beach that includes, sunbathing, body boarding, skim boarding, swimming, dog walking and running. This is the type of beach suitable for people of all ages and families. The West end of Baldwin Beach is called the “Baby Beach” where you will find a protected sea-wall that offers a salt water pool that is sheltered ideal for babies and children. The East end of the beach known as the “Cove” is the ideal zone to swim and suntan.


  1. Palauea


In ancient Hawaiian language, the word “Palauea”  means “lazy.” Also known as “White Rock” this beach is not visited often by tourists and more frequently visited by the South Maui locals. Positioned to the South of the Kea Lani Beach Hotel, White Rock is a medium-sized beach which is excellent for diving and snorkeling. The coastline here is well-protected which means you can look forward to less wind and clearer visibility.


  1. Kapalua Bay


Rated as one of the most stunning sheltered beaches that Hawaii has to offer, the surrounding areas are mainly dominated by a condominium community and the Kapalua Resort. The Conde Nast publication once rated this beach as the “Best Beach in America” back in 1991. This beach is so popular as it offers outstanding snorkeling opportunities. Here you will find butterfly fish, parrot fish, wrasse, scorpion fish or boxfish. You might also catch a glimpse of a Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle. Waves break gently on the shoreline and the water is crystal clear. This location is great for couples on a romantic getaway or for families in search of quieter beach days.


  1. Hamoa Beachhamoa beach maui


A beautiful crescent-shaped beach and lined with Hala trees. On your adventure on Hana Highway, you might catch a glimpse of Hamoa Beach. This beautiful beach comes with some perks of public bathrooms and showers. This beach has great smooth sand that runs into the ocean. With the area having little development, the water tends to stay sparkling and pristine. The beach has street parking available. Hamoa Beach is a perfect beach to enjoy on your journey to Hana.

Vacation on Maui and see these amazing beaches

These 5 beaches will get you off to a good start! Maui has over 30 miles of beaches so there is plenty of beach options for everyone! If you are considering visiting Maui and would like more information about Maui visit us at Maui Vacation rentals and

Home Rentals in Hawaii

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 Luxury Home Rental Options In Hawaii


If you plan to enjoy your vacation in style, you should be choosing the best luxury home rental option in Hawaii. There are different types of luxury homes for rent in Hawaii. How about a beachfront rental property fully equipped with all the amenities? Yes, you can easily find such rental properties in Hawaii with a little bit of research on your part. There are many companies that offer luxury rental options in the area. But most of these rental services are not created alike. Hence, you need to do the research properly when shopping for the best luxury home rental option in Hawaii. Here are some things to consider when finding the best vacation rental property in the region.


maui vacation rentals beachfront

Choosing a place to stay during your vacation is quite similar to the way you choose your current home or apartment. A lot of research goes into such a process. The location is important. Many vacationers to Hawaii prefer beachfront locations compared to other regions. Once you have decided on the exact location of the rental home, you should consider the facilities and amenities of the property. Even though the amenities of the property may depend on how much you can spend on it, you should take note of the preferred amenities before shopping for the right rental property. Most vacationers prefer Wi-Fi, laundry, TV, stocked kitchen with the necessary appliances, and a workout room. If you have any other preferences, you should note them down before shopping for the best rental property in Hawaii.



There are many places to look for luxury home rental properties in Hawaii. The internet is one of the best resources in this regard. There are many reputed websites that will help you shop for the best rental property in Hawaii. Check some of these sites and you are sure to come across a host of rental properties that match your needs and budget. Do your homework about the specific rental company and their background before you decide to select them. These are important things to consider when shopping for the best luxury rental property in Hawaii.



On the other hand, if you have a friend or family member with prior experience in renting luxury rental homes in Hawaii, you can ask them for a referral. In fact, a personal referral from someone you trust is the best way to find a luxury rental home in the region. You save a lot of time if you can get such a referral. Word of mouth is still considered an effective technique when searching for luxury home rentals in Hawaii.



Are you searching for the best luxury home rental in Hawaii?

There are many factors that you need to take into account when shopping for a quality vacation rental in Hawaii. The above read offers information on what to look for when choosing the best luxury home rental in Hawaii.  We have plenty more information on vacationing in Hawaii at

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